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No Cleavage Please.... I'm fasting..

Posted By Fakhri Bey On 2:40 PM

Salam again 2 all. This time pun nak paste something interesting that I read from someone else's blog.


She was not even showing anything at all. In fact she didn't have that much to show. But she was admonished all the same. I felt for her, the embarrassment of being shouted at in the earshot of everyone queuing at the check out counters.

He was ogling her. The Ar@b man in his late fourties, stylish and spoke with good English indicating western education or having lived abroad. His choice of words, "Cover your modesty, we are fasting!" was cultured, if only he chose to be a little more discreet by whispering to her instead of shouting.

He was the one who should be ashamed of himself! No one else took any notice that her arbaya's top button had came off. It must have been the heavy shopping bags she was carrying which had pulled her arbaya arm out of balance, hence snatched the top button off. I glanced around trying to figure out who she was with! None. She was alone and left the counter hurriedly towards the car park.

I followed her with my eyes. I was curious.

There, she was met by a driver, one who appeared like a Pakistani. She quickly deposited the shopping bags into the car boot, and heaved herself into the back seat.

I concluded, the Philippine lady must have been a maid out shopping for her master.

And I wondered, in a month of abstinence, which took higher order priority; to abstain from looking at an unbuttoned arbaya top, or to abstain from abusing and embarrassing someone weaker than us?

That was a trick question, and so unfair to all the men out there.

The answer surely is to be able to abstain from both. That is not to take notice, and not to be provoked by physical things such as that, and to be able to control oneself from within.

I wondered further, what would have happened if this same guy were to spend one Ramadan in Kuala Lumpur, with so many ladies wearing so much less clothes!

Personal Comment: Semoga Allah ampuni dosa2 kita especially kalau kita terlibat dalam that kind of situation. Ameen.

September 3, 2009 at 5:42 PM

Good thing about arabs is, giving advice.
the bad thing is, they love to shout!!

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